TennisPolice Report - Coach's Victims Unit

American tennis has been on the decline for the past decade, and it all stems from the roots. The “coaches” who are teaching the children.

Tennis is a sport that pretty much goes unnoticed and under-appreciated in the United States, in the shadows of NFL, NBA/ WNBA, MLB, NHL, X Games etc...


Top 10 Myths Debunked
We examine the most common myths about the sport of tennis
Video Lessons and Training Tips
from the Pros at TennisPolice

Video Lesson 1 - Forehands with Brett
Neighborhood Watch

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TennisPolice Miami TennisPolicia Cancun Aussie Open 2013 Andy Murray handling a higher backhand with some sidespin. TennisPolice has closed down this academy until further review. Sloan Stevens the next big star? Novak Djokovic or Hulk Hogan? Pete Sampras driving through the strike zone. Victoria Azarenka driving through a high backhand. Marat Safin waist high slapshot. i dont know who is in 12 Marcos Baghdatis with a solid break! Dr. Federer slicing someone up! Djokovic sliding into a backhand Serena Williams is all fight Rafa fighting off a high backhand. Rod Laver open stance slice backhand. TennisPolicia Cancun TennisPolice in NYC Bill Tilden with the 163 mph serve in the 1920's. Bjorn Borg's trademark two handed backhand Steffi Graf. Best serve ever Steffi Graf unloading on a high forehand. Chris Evert open stance back when no one did it? .Johnny Mac on clay open stance pioneer... TennisPolicia Cancun The three amigos...We miss Vitas. Rafael Nadal with a traditional follow through. Guga Kuerten one hand maestro. Pistol Pete pronation... Bjorn Borg is the original greatest on all surfaces. Rafael Nadal buggy whip follow through TennisPolice officers. Steffi Graf smooth as silk. Johnny Mac short backswing, solid contact, genius! Max McKennon Team Solinco. Roger Federer forehand follow through with elbow up, forearm pronation. Serena Williams with good distance from the ball and good hip turn. Andy Murray flexing his muscle. John McEnroe stepping through an open stance volley on a ball right at him. Pancho Gonzales classic pronation finish. Maria Sharapova hitting through a mid level ball. No low to high here! Jimmy Connors classic backhand drive off of a higher ball Stefan Edberg serve and volley Swede. Bill Tilden looking a lot like the players today.