Who is the Tennispolice?

The Tennispolice is a group of Former ATP and WTA players and coaches who HAVE BEEN playing and watching the best of the best in professional tennis and who are determined to get American tennis back on track! Tennispolice will teach YOU how to teach yourself! Breaking the game down into the very basics, and de-bunking the old myths that have held everyone back. By using video and pictures to teach and explain how and why certain things MUST happen at certain times in order to win at a high level. Tennispolice will quickly take over for the roll of what the USPTA was supposed to do. USPTA would certify your dog if it could feed tennis balls, and those are the people teaching your kids. They are all great people, but if you want your kid to have a chance at the tour or even a good university you better do your homework!

Tennispolice will only certify coaches who have been through all of our evaluations and exams. Any Division 1 members of the ATP or WTA will automatically certified by the Tennispolice. All others may apply for a chance to pass an on-site/ live evaluation, to make sure their teaching techniques are up to Tennispolice standards. Each and every Tennispolice Academy will be emphasizing what the best do best. Teaching everything, from hitting the same spin and targets the pros do, using their footwork, playing their patterns, winning matches against different types of opponents, under different types of conditions, and de-bunking the old tennis myths with pictures and video to prove our points, making learning much easier, so that history does not continue to repeat itself. With the right instruction, ANYONE can hit every stroke the technically correct way, lowering unforced errors to get the best chance for success, not to mention less injuries. Tennispolice shows the student with pictures of professionals to emulate and simple X and O diagrams that make the game simple and easy to see in front of your own eyes. Just like a basketball coach, or a football coach write down their plays for everyone to see, in plain english. Videos of the pros to watch and copy them, use their plays, their percentages, their techniques, their ball placement, EVERYTHING! You still may lose the match but you will make your opponent have to work for it!

Tennispolice makes learning tennis easy. Results should be seen immediately!!! It should not take your “tennis coach” months to teach you something. The pros are pros because they keep it simple; the correct footwork for the situation, playing the high percentages, the appropriate spin, doing the right things the right way at the right times! Keeping it simple, having sound strokes, and the right game plans takes the guesswork out of the game. It’s tough enough as it is. You should be able to just play and let the instincts take over, but those have to but the right instincts that are instilled with many hours of not just practice, but “perfect practice”! Whether you become a champion depends on a few things...

What Makes a Champion?

  1. Some Ego...you must want it. winning is the only option...You can not teach this.
  2. Skill Set...this can be taught and easily attained with the proper training.
  3. Tactics...this can be taught...without the correct game plan, nothing else matters...
  4. The name Tennispolice is now trademarked with the United Patents Office.
  5. The Domain name of Tennispolice.com and an email address of info@tennispolice.com have all been established.
  6. A twitter account for Tennispolice has been established as a meeting point for all of the followers and will be linked to the Tennispolice.com website.
Tennispolice.com ...will be a hub for tennis enthusiasts. Connected to Twitter, real time Blog, and keeps updates weekly in the world of professional tennis, and the local tennis scene. Lots of free lessons from real touring pros. Links to online stores, magazines, articles, and other proven websites. Where to play. The best clubs in your area for your level of play. Where to play for free. Where to buy your equipment. Which equipment the pros use and why. Links to our APPROVED coaches and Academies that are teaching the correct way of tennis, and where you can find them.

The Tennispolice.com website will have a membership available for access to extra services offered;

Free Video Lessons...instead of paying “tennis pro” or jr. academy $70/hr or more and probably end up with bad advice, and not move your game in the right direction, every Tennispolice.com member will be able to send in a short video clip of their tennis game and the Tennispolice will review and send the recommended changes, advice and further information, including drills to get their tennis game up to par. Those who have not perfected such things as winning matches, hitting certain strokes, playing different types of opponents, all aspects of the tennis game will be reviewed and will be available to help every level of tennis player. And many more benefits...

Tennispolice app for Iphone and Android... this app will serve as a “cliff notes” for tennis and provide the much the same information as the Tennispolice.com website. A perfect companion for any level of tennis player both on and off the court, before matches if you know your opponent, between sets, even on change overs, when conditions change, when your coach is not there and your opponent has changed their game or you just need to adjust yours to counter. The same links, tips, match strategies, everything Tennispolice has to help you win!

Getting theTennispolice name out there...

Southern California has long been the breeding ground for American tennis until recently where it has been Florida too, thanks to Nick Bollettieri and Andre Agassi. But regardless there are thousands of juniors, college, open, and senior tennis players, and hundreds of clubs throughout southern cal, and because of the names and connections of the pros behind the Tennispolice name, to create a small “buzz”, and then use the Tennispolice Management Team (TMT), and their contacts to go global with the help of TV and the internet. The niche we have access to of tennis players and their parents, we have an untapped potential of customers. These kids are talented and just need the right advice! The Tennispolice will have franchises, and “field officers” who will represent Tennispolice in their particular district, teach the right way and report to management. Every official Tennispolice officer, employee, or certified coach will always be on the same page so not to confuse any students, or give and bad advice.

The Tennispolice name will be backed by true professionals including a former #1 WTA player, ATP players and their coaches, NCAA Champions, USTA coaches, ex-professionals all endorsing and contributing. Not just teaching the strokes, but all variations of the strokes, footworks, spins and body control. Being able to handle any ball that comes, hit it back with the right spin and put the ball in the right part of the court as to give the highest chance of winning points at a high level.

Tennispolice will buy commercials on tennis channel, and during the grand slam events, and have the connections of certain commentators to randomly use the Tennispolice name.

Being successful ATP, WTA, NCAA, players and coaches, and having the results to back us, the information from Tennispolice will prove to be of the essence! And the Tennispolice brand has the potential to spread like wildfire as the tennis parents of the kids of America are starving for the right advice, and finally starting to figure out that not everyone, not even some real professionals can teach and relate...it’s 3rd grade simple, but takes a scientist.

Tennispolice will create that template for “perfect practice”, for every imaginable shot, in every imaginable position. Showing the correct footwork, swing and body dynamics to get the job done and look like a pro while doing it.